Andres Correa, Student Intern Supervised by Guillermo Castañeda, LPC-S

Hello! My name is Andres Correa, I am a student intern at Counseling of El Paso under the supervision of Mr. Guillermo Castaneda, LPC-S, CHt.


I am currently a student at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center where I am working towards earning my Master’s degree in addiction counseling and applying for LPC licensure in the state of Texas upon graduation.


I earned my bachelor’s degree in biology/biomedical sciences in 2019 from the University of Texas at El Paso, and since then I have made an intentional effort to expand my knowledge within the realms of addiction and the health sciences.


Before arriving at Counseling of El Paso I worked for 7 years in the education sector in a wide array of roles ranging from robotics instructor to teacher’s assistant, to teacher.



What I have enjoyed most during my time in education has been the opportunity to see my student’s grow as individuals and develop as responsible citizens and caring humans that are kind not only to others, but to themselves.


It is that same growth I hope to see developed in all the people I come across, especially in those that allow me the opportunity to meet them within the many intricate pathways of their lives that have shaped them as individuals.


My aspiration is to be able to continue my work with adolescents and young adults that many times face pressures to delve into the world of substance use, and to guide these especially vulnerable populations through community-wide education efforts and the ability to build rapport with my client base.


With that said, my hope is that by serving the El Paso community in this role, I will be returning some of the many investments that the El Paso community has invested in me. 


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