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Interviews & Presentations on Mental Health

Facebook Live: Preguntas y Respuestas Sobre la Ansiedad 7.1.2020

Facebook Live: Relief & Hope During Stages of Grief 9.16.2020

Facebook Live: Q&A Mental Health Impacts of Abuse 7.8.2020

Facebook Live: Q&A Attachment & Relationships 7.22.2020

Facebook Live: Esperanza y Alivio Durante Etapas del Duelo 9.2.2020

Facebook Live: Heart to Heart Conversation: The Mental Health Impact of Racism & Discrimination 06.10.20

Conversación de Corazón a Corazón El Impacto en la Salud Mental del Racismo y la Discriminación 06.09.2020

Facebook Live: Coping & Connecting: The Power of Play for Children & Families 5.28.20

Facebook Live: Coping with Chronic Pain: The Power of Relaxation 5.29.20

Facebook Live: Covenversación de Corazón a Corazón: Vive la relajación para enfrentar más eficazmente la crisis 5.26.20

Facebook Live: Heart to Heart Conversation: Choices & Control: What is within our control? 5.27.20

Facebook Live: Heart to Heart Presentation: Anxiety & Uncertainty while Transitioning Back to Daily Life 5.12.20

Facebook Live: Conversación de Corazón a Corazón: Ansiedad e Incertidumbre durante la Transición de Regreso 5.14.20

Facebook Live: Conversación de corazón a corazón 4.28.2020

Facebook Live: Heart to Heart Conversation 4.29.2020

Webinario para la Comunidad: Salud Mental Durante COVID-19 y Orden de Quedarse en Casa

Webinar Community Presentation: Mental Health during Covid-19 Stay at Home Order

Counseling Amidst COVID-19 Community Interview

Podcast Host, Cristal Martinez Acosta, LPC-S, NCC interviews  Guillermo Castañeda, LPC and Jazmine Silva, LPC-Intern supervised by Gerardo Rosas, LPC-S

Los Beneficios de la Hipnosis Clínica en la Vida

Detrás de la Selfie: Entrevista realizada por Telemundo

Instagram Bans Weight Loss Adds to Teens, Interview by KFOX News

Treat Yourself Like a Plant: Four Steps to Well-Being

Humans don’t come with an instruction manual, but there are things that we can all do that have been proven to keep us …

Why It’s Difficult to Defend Ourselves

What is learned hopelessness, how to identify it and what to do? We have all been able to observe a little dog, a kitten, …

2 Important Types of Empathy

What is empathy? We have heard this word go around the internet and even in conversation when considering the emotions of …