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Interviews & Presentations on Mental Health

Facebook Live: Conversación de corazón a corazón 4.28.2020

Facebook Live: Heart to Heart Conversation 4.29.2020

Webinario para la Comunidad: Salud Mental Durante COVID-19 y Orden de Quedarse en Casa

Webinar Community Presentation: Mental Health during Covid-19 Stay at Home Order

Counseling Amidst COVID-19 Community Interview

Podcast Host, Cristal Martinez Acosta, LPC-S, NCC interviews  Guillermo Castañeda, LPC and Jazmine Silva, LPC-Intern supervised by Gerardo Rosas, LPC-S

Los Beneficios de la Hipnosis Clínica en la Vida

Detrás de la Selfie: Entrevista realizada por Telemundo

Instagram Bans Weight Loss Adds to Teens, Interview by KFOX News

7 Types of Anxiety: Not all Anxiety is the Same

Anxiety is a totally normal response in daily life, it is a conditioned response that distinguishes us from inanimate objects. …

Living with Pain is a Hard Thing to Do

There are many ways to manage pain without medication. Guillermo A. Castañeda, LPC uses EMDR, CBT, and Hypnotherapy.

Wired to connect. Wired to grow.

Dear reader,  Are relationships feeling complicated? As much as connecting is important and valuable, it can be a great …