Guillermo Castañeda, Sr., Professional Hypnotist

People who experience depression and anxiety may experience difficulties with daily functioning such as getting out of bed, preparing to go to work, meeting deadlines, and expressing what they need, among many more.
It’s common for individuals fo find themselves being unable to enjoy even the simplest tasks they used to enjoy before.
Individuals may experiencing decreased concentration, racing thoughts, unease, decrease motivation, fear, and in some cases feeling sad for no apparent reason.
High levels of stress are common in the predisposition of depression and anxiety symptoms.
Living with depression and anxiety seems like an endless loop from which people cannot step out of.
What if you could see life in a new manner?
What if you could go places and just have fun?
What if you could go to work or school with enthusiasm?
What if you could just enjoy your family and friends?
Of course, it sounds easier said than done. Many people have heard the clichés of “get out and just do it,” or “just smile and be happy.” But there’s more to that.
Our subconscious mind, the most powerful part of our mind, has programmed itself to feel depression and changing the script is not easy.
That’s where hypnosis works.
I have been a psychologist in Mexico since 1968, practicing hypnosis since 1979. Here in the U.S., I have worked as a Professional Hypnotist since 1988.
I have been able to work with depression, anxiety and stress throughout the years and have helped thousands of clients finally break the never ending cycles that they are stuck in. If you are tired of living helplessly, and want to try something new please call me.

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