Jasmine Mendez-Filidor, Student Intern Supervised by Guillermo Castañeda, LPC-S

Jasmine Mendez-Filidor, Student Intern Supervised by Guillermo Castañeda, LPC-S

Hi there!

My name is Jasmine Mendez-Filidor, and I am a student intern  from the University of Mary working towards my Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Texas. I recently moved from North Dakota, where I earned my Bachelor’s in Psychology, and am currently a graduate student in Mental Health Concentration.

I am excited to be here in El Paso, Texas! I am practicing at Counseling of El Paso under the supervision of Guillermo Castañeda, LPC-S, CHt. I’m very passionate about advocating for those who want to be heard and support them to the best of their abilities.

During my time in North Dakota, I worked with incarnated men, diagnosed with mental health disorders, in a correctional center.  I practiced building rapport and helping them with daily living activities. In addition, I also worked with children in a middle school setting, pursuing to become a School Counselor, but changed the concentration to Clinical Mental Health.

What inspired me to work in mental health is that I love to be there for people, big or small.

I enjoy having conversations, getting to know a person, and offering the support or guidance they may need. The world can seem like a scary place, and sometimes we need a little help to get through, and I want to be that person.

I genuinely care about people and want the best for them in life.

I aspire to work with children and families because I believe children are the future of the world.

I want to help children become successful with the support from their families as well. Many things happen in life during the adolescent stage, making it difficult for children to understand what they are expressing and how to handle it.

I want to support children and families by providing positive coping skills that may help them. I want to advocate for children’s mental health as it can look different from adults.  Children can feel alone and feel that nobody understands, but I want to help them feel heard.

My goal as a counselor is to become culturally competent to provide the best services to my clients.

I aspire to make an impact in the individual’s lives I come across, big or small.

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