Jazmine Silva, MS, LPC

Child & Family Therapist

Hi there! 

Have you noticed behavior changes in your child? Irritability? Moodiness?

They don’t seem like themselves anymore?

In fact, are behaviors escalating by becoming more explosive and intense?

When you try helping, does your child reject and push your help away?

It’s normal to hope for children to grow out of phases and in most cases they do.

But, usually sudden changes in mood and behavior are signs that your child is struggling to cope with something.  It also means that may not have the adequate resources or life experience to handle it appropriately.

My name is Jazmine!

I’m a mental health counselor and I work at Counseling of El Paso.

The way I work is by evaluating the family’s lifestyle and the parent child relationship.  I work by using play-based activities with both parents and the child.

I include parents throughout the counseling process.  In some cases, parents are invited to participate in sessions with their child.  The goal is to help regain peace and wholeness.

I wholeheartedly believe that the key to joy and satisfaction is heavily based on the quality of our relationships, our lifestyle, and our sense of worthiness.

It takes time, effort, and a whole lot of patience.  But I am here to guide you, support you, and encourage you.

If this feels right for you, please call.

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