Couples Counseling

When the relationship needs help…

Couples counseling occurs when the relationship needs help.

Typically, there are normal and expected differences in a relationship: points of view, approaches, and expression of love.

However, there comes a point where those differences are no longer bearable and they become the source of conflict.

Insults, yelling, name calling, blaming, and shutting down are all defense mechanisms we use to protect ourselves and out of desire to be understood.

However, at the very root, all of that push us away from each other.

Hurting each other because we are hurting inside makes it difficult to recover, heal and grow.

There is a way.  There are tools and guidance to protect the relationship and help it heal again.

Couples counseling provides the couple the opportunity to become aware of habits that are impacting communication and to address sensitive topics.

The quality of relationships do matter and do impact our mental health.