Tanya Ortega, Student Intern Supervised by Guillermo Castañeda, LPC-S

I believe that people have a natural desire to become the best version of themselves and as we grow, life provides us with opportunities to learn how to achieve it.


My intention is to offer support, structure and guidance through these experiences and help clients experience self-understanding and growth.


I am currently completing an internship under the supervision of Guillermo Castañeda, LPC-S, and will soon be obtaining my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Capella University.


I have an interest in Cognitive Behavior Therapy as well as the Humanistic Theory approaches. I aspire to work with individuals, couples, and families.


Before finding my professional interest in mental health, I practiced as a Registered Interior Designer for 8 years.


During this time, it was amazing to see the power that spaces have on people, both positive and negative; therefore, I made it my personal mission to always create spaces that nourished people’s well-being and creativity.


I consider my professional transition as moving from working with the client’s surroundings to now helping them work from within.  


Having been born in Ciudad Juarez and growing up in El Paso, I consider myself a “border child”.


I believe being part of the Mexican American border has given me and other border children a unique and valuable worldview that is applied to our life experiences.


Although I have enjoyed the opportunity of living in other cities, I am passionate about coming back to my roots to help the beautiful multicultural community of El Paso.

I enjoy being out in nature, I highly value quality time with friends and family, and I am lucky to have an Australian shepherd as my furry friend.

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